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Diploma of Sport Development


This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual intending to pursue a career in sport development. Occupational outcomes for this qualification can vary from managing competitions, sports venues and facilities and identifying and developing athletes. Work at this level would be undertaken with a high degree of autonomy.

Pathways Information

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway, however is not suitable for School Based Traineeships/Apprenticeships.

University Credit Transfer

This qualification is suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway, however is not suitable for School Based Traineeships/Apprenticeships.



A Griffith business degree will prepare you for a wide range of career opportunities - from running major events through to managing key aspects of complex organisations such as employment relations, marketing campaigns, or logistics.


Develop core business skills in areas such as financial management, leadership, management, marketing and strategic management, and enhance these with an understanding of how to manage employment relations in a culturally diverse context.



Gain the technical skills and knowledge to pursue a career in accounting, financial planning, finance or economics. You will explore the core skills and concepts of commerce including accounting, economics, business statistics, and management.

Course content


  1. BSBADM502B - Manage meeting

  2. ICAICT308A - Use advanced features of computer applications

  3. SISSSCO306 - Provide drugs in sport information

  4. SISSSCO307 - Provide nutrition information to athletes

  5. SISSSCO308 - Support athletes to adopt principles of sports psychology

  6. SISXCAI306A - Facilitate groups

  7. SISXCCS403A - Determine needs of client populations

  8. SISXIND404A - Promote compliance with laws and legal principles

  9. SISXIND406A - Manage projects

  10. SISXRSK502A - Manage organisational risks

  11. SISXWHS402 - Implement and monitor work health


  1. SISFFIT004 - Incorporating anatomy and physiology principles into fitness programming 

  2. SISXFAC506A - Manage stock supply and purchase

  3. SISSSCO101 - Develop and update knowledge of coaching practices

  4. SISSSOF101 - Develop and update officiating knowledge

  5. SISSCOP306A - Prepare a sponsorship proposal

  6. SISSSPT303A - Conduct basic warm-up and cool-down programs 

  7. BSBRSK401A - Identify risk and apply risk management processes 

  8. SISSSCO304 - Customise coaching for athletes with specific needs 

  9. SISSSCO303 - Plan & Deliver Coaching Programs

Training & Assessment

Ace Golf College employs a team of highly experienced trainers and assessors to ensure quality training and assessment is provided to every student.
A range of assessment methods are used to assess practical skills and knowledge including: 

  • Performing practical demonstrations 

  • Interviews and Research 

  • Written or Oral Questioning 

  • Working in real life sport, fitness and recreation environments.

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