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Golf Training



Ace Golf College teaches a biomechanically sound golf swing which is easy on the body and repeatable.  We study the individual’s swing habits/rhythm to find the best way to integrate technology and solutions to create a high-performing neutral swing.  We help the athlete tap into his/her strength to reach peak performance.  


Natural / Neutral

All positions neutral, simple and repeatable.
Biomechanically sound

Biomechanically attuned swings with less burden on the body. 
Ability to hit all shapes

The ability to stay neutral to shape the ball in any way – low, high, draw, fade, hook, slice, etc.

The right golf swing sequence that is repeatable.
Consistency / Repeatability

The ability to be consistent and to repeat the perfect swing every time. 

The opportunities to practice like a tour professional. Not just hitting balls aimlessly, but “mindful practice” for real improvements.  

We use the latest motion-capture systems to measure swing to get the most precise and accurate data.  Our instructors use this information to work with the athlete to design a training program that is tailored to deliver performance. 




Ace Golf College promotes overall fitness as part of high-performance development. We believe that personal fitness is essential to perfecting the swing.  
Our team will assess every individual’s fitness level and design a program that can improve overall fitness.  We employ a balanced fitness plan incorporating core stability, strength, flexibility, dexterity, diet and nutrition tailored to the individual athlete’s fitness needs.  




Ace’s integrated high-performance program includes mental strength and mental agility training.  Getting the athlete in the right frame of mind during a game is crucial to peak performance. 

Mental training involves understanding the difference between left and right brain hemispheres.  Both control different forms of thinking.  The left brain is more analytical, logical and objective.  The right brain, on the other hand, is intuitive, thoughtful and subjective.  

When an athlete is in class learning the theory behind a golf swing, he/she is utilising the left brain.  When they are out on the course, activating the right brain can dramatically increase performance.  That’s because the right brain can process 275,000 times faster than the left brain.  The left brain processes 40 items at once compared to 1.1m items processed by the right brain.  

AnK’s unique mental training utilises both left and right brain functioning to optimise concentration, focus, environmental awareness and decision making.  The ability to apply these skills to pre-shot routines enables a golfer to get ‘in the zone’ as efficiently as possible.  

Our techniques are supported by the golf industry’s most advanced neurological technology – FocusBand.  FocusBand is a wearable headgear that measures left/right brain activity, heart rate, eye movement, facial muscle movement/tension, concentration, and thoughts to predict the mental state a golfer is in.  This data can be used to design specific solutions to help the athlete build mental prowess.




‘Mushin’ is a Japanese word to describe a state of ‘mind-with-no-mind.’  It is about getting the mind to a state where it is not crowded with thoughts or emotions that can negatively affect the athlete’s performance.  In this ‘no mind’ state, the athlete is focusing 100% on the game.   

‘Mushin’ or the ‘blue zone’ is attained when the right brain is activated.  In the red zone, the athlete is likely to be too anxious or too relaxed.  He/she is not at optimal performance and will make more mistakes.  In the ‘blue state’ however, the athlete is relaxed but focused.




The College offers a Tournament Program for students to play and manage their game in a competitive environment. Such tournaments can include;

  1. Managing for Q School

  2. National Events

  3. Standard to apply for a Golf Teaching Certificate

Facility & Golf – Based at Sanctuary Cove Palms

  • Golf Access Membership at Sanctuary Cove Golf Club

  • Golf Access Membership at Arundel Hills  Country Club

  • Driving Range Membership

  • Individual Profiling (Physical, Technical, Mental)

  • Individual Lesson

  • Group Training

  • Rounding Lesson / Analysis

  • Tournament Management

  • Golf Fitness Program & Yoga Training

  • Sports Remedial Message

  • Mental Training

  • Club Fitting​



Flightscope X3

The FlightScope X3 numbers are the brains behind it all. All major tour players endorse FlightScope for its precision and reliability.  As an athlete training with Ace Golf College, you will have access to the golf world’s #1 training tool.  The FlightScope can track the full trajectory of any shot from 10m pitches to 400m drives.  It pinpoints the landing position with an accuracy of less than 1 foot at 100yards.  3D-projectory together with 26 impact and ball light parameters are displayed real-time with data available within a second of the shot taken.


A wearable brain training headband that measures brain activity.  With FocusBand, an athlete will be able to ‘see’ his/her state of mind during play. Audio-visual feedback delivered real time via an app, to measure and track the mental process.  Superior Neuro Feedback’s guided shot practice simultaneously helps the athlete to improve their skills.

Halo Sports Device

Halo Sport helps the elite athlete improve rep counts.  Reps refer to the process the brain learns and develop athletic skills and strength.  Halo Sport stimulate the part of the brain that develops muscle strength and coordination to help the athlete build power, endurance and skill.  

Versus Brain Training Device

Versus Sports Simulator employs complex mathematical solutions to develop a high-functioning brain that increases impulse-control, regulate emotions and enhance focus.

New Students Arrival

TPI Screen


  • Students will receive a body screen test with one of the three TPI Certified Trainers

  • The TPI Screen will determine the Golf Specific Program to improve Golf Fitness

Club Check

A club check will be performed with a lie board and the FlightScope data


Versus Brain Training Neuro Assessment

Video Analysis

The student’s golf swing is to be videoed and recorded on the AnK V1 app prior to swing check

Skills Test

Shaping Skills Test to be preformed
Short Game Test to be preformed
AnK Combine Test to be preformed

Goal Setting

The student with the guidance of the coach is two set the Short, Medium and Long Term Goals


  • The Student Profile will include a time line of each visit to the academy

  • Each report will be a detailed analysis from the coach

  • The report will include any assessments completed such as TPI Screen, Combine Test and the Versus Neuro Report

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